The wine DATA marketplace

Buy wine data and / or Sell your wine data

Buy or sell data from vintages, wine grapes, appellations, producers, wine guide ratings, users comments, ...


How it works?

As part of our R & D work for Sublivin, we designed a flexible data model totally dedicated to the Wine product. We have developed techniques that allow us to manipulate the date about wine and to make easier searches, to combine different data in an intelligent way. Simply enjoy our expertise and years of research with Subligrape.

You need wine DATA

Whether you are a site, a mobile app, a software package or a connected object, you can buy or connect to multiple sources for a reduced cost. We can also connect your private datasets to our data model.

You have wine data for sale

Whether you are an inter-profession, an institution, a guide or a web / mobile application on wine, you can monetize (fixed price, subscription, ...) or make available free of charge your datasets to facilitate the communication of your data.

Interconnected with multiple APIs

In addition to datasets, our API can integrate results from other APIs. Thus you have a single API to integrate allowing access to several APIs and several datasets. You limit the integration effort and you can change it according to your needs.

You buy DATA

Log in to the backoffice

You create an account on our backoffice or you log in, then you create or select a company. The first time, you subscribe to your subscription to access the API.

Selecting datasets

You select the datasets that you want to access. You pay the required amount to resellers if necessary.

API setting

You set up your API keys from the backoffice and follow our developer documentation to continue integration on your applications.

It's OVER, you deserve a glass of wine.

Vous vendez de la DATA

Log in to the backoffice

You create an account on our backoffice or you log in, then you create or select a company. From company settings, you link your account to an account at our partner Stripe.

Integration of new datasets or APIs

Contact us to complete this step . Two possibilities are available to you:
- we integrate your data directly into our databases. The latter remains partitioned and separated and can be deleted at any time. You totally own it.
- we integrate access to your API. Your data stays in your IT infrastructure and is merged at the time of the call.

Products settings

You make your dataset accessible in the form of products by defining modalities, a price and a type of payment (fixed, recurring)

It's OVER, you deserve a glass of wine.


Without engagement

49 € excl. tax/month
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Limitation to 200 simultaneous API calls (burst)
99 € excl. tax/month
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Limitation to 5000 simultaneous API calls (burst)

To adapt the limitations of the API to your needs, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Available data sources evolve over time. We make Open-Source data sources freely available as we integrate them (eg French INAO list of names, list of grape varieties and their synonyms, etc.). Other sources are provided by resellers after integration into our data model, their offer and prices are very variable.

Open Source datasets are updated monthly. Reseller datasets have very variable refresh times.

The provided API service is a RESTFull service with JSON return. Changes on the return format are possible on request.

More information on the API documentation.

API access is via HTTPS. A first connection request with API keys generated on the backoffice is required. She returns a JWT token which must be attached to all other queries.

More information on the API documentation.

Contact us if you have more specific security needs.

The data are associated with their owner and is partitioned within our databases. Our servers are hosted by OVH, French host provider, not to be subject to the Patriot Act.

Prices are free and left to your discretion. You can apply fixed prices with total sale (sale) or rental of the data with monthly/semiannual/annual cost which can be fixed price but also calculated according to the volume of requests. We charge a commission of 20% per transaction (billing applied to the seller).

The API offers unlimited access in terms of requests (possible limitation of the APIs of data vendors). However, we limit to 5000 simultaneous requests. If you want to increase this volume, we must adapt the cost (on estimate) of the subscription.

Dedicated support

Our teams are at your disposal to assist you in your deployment and in the use of our API.

Ultra-fast API

Our APIs are designed in NodeJS and deployed on a completely "scalable" architecture.